Financial Options to Open Doors & Opportunities

Below are some typical financial program options offered by Dynabook Authorized Distributors. Contact your Distributor Representative for details. Would you like to see something more specific that you don’t see here? Let us know.

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RSA Program

Extend your credit reach by utilizing our transaction-based, end-to-end solution that can be transparent to your end users.

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Third Party Financing

This type of financing, also known as “floorplanning,” provides you with an additional credit line and free financing. Free extended terms are available for select products.

Contact your authorized distributor rep for more information.


Obtain additional credit and rebate incentives while providing your customers with a low monthly payment option.

Contact your authorized distributor rep for more information.

Assignment of Proceeds (AOP)

Finance larger orders by having your customer pay the distributor directly.
Contact your distributor for more information.

Escrow Program

Escrow agreements are a versatile tool for assuring the safe, fair and efficient completion of your large orders. U.S. Bank is a neutral, third party to act as a temporary agent in these financial transactions.

Apply for an Escrow Account by contacting U.S. Bank at (804) 343-1564.