Dynabook Debit Card Rewards

Dynabook Partner Support


It’s not just about the SPIFs, it’s about how quickly you’ll get them. SPIFs are now being delivered directly to you via Dynabook-branded debit cards. Additionally, your reward will be automatically loaded to the card by Dynabook when you earn a new reward, and it applies to all three membership levels. 


Program Duration

New SPIF Program Coming Soon.

Eligible Products

 Model # Part # Reward Amount
 Satellite Pro C40-H14110 PYS36U-01903Q $20.00
Satellite Pro C40-H14200 PYS36U-00Y03R $20.00
Satellite Pro C40-H14210 PYS36U-00K03R $20.00
Satellite Pro C40-J14210ED PYS46U-02L01G $15.00
Satellite Pro C40-J14250 PYS46U-00E00E $15.00
Satellite Pro C40-J14210 PYS46U-00D00E $10.00
Satellite Pro C50-H15120 PYS33U-013023 $20.00
Satellite Pro C50-H15200 PYS33U-01Q022 $20.00
Satellite Pro C50-H15210 PYS33U-012022 $20.00
Satellite Pro C50-H15250 PYS33U-03F022 $20.00
Satellite Pro C50-J15210ED PYS43U-08005Y $15.00
Satellite Pro C50-J15250 PYS43U-00F00F $15.00
Satellite Pro C50-J15210 PYS43U-00E00F $15.00
Satellite Pro L50-G15250 PBS22U-02E01R $20.00
Satellite Pro BTO $10.00
Tecra A40-J1410 PMM10U-001049 $15.00
Tecra A40-J1420 PMM10U-00101U $20.00
Tecra A40-J1418 PMM10U-0CW049 $20.00
Tecra A40-J1428 PMM10U-0CW044 $20.00
Tecra A50-J1510 PML10U-04S04Q $15.00
Tecra A50-J1530 PML10U-04S014 $15.00
Model # Part # Reward Amount
Tecra A50-J1511 PML10U-00904Q $20.00
Tecra A50-J1531 PML10U-009014 $20.00
Tecra A50-J1515 PML10U-01X04Q $20.00
Tecra A50-J1535 PML10U-01X014 $20.00
Tecra A50-J1518 PML10U-00C04Q $20.00
Tecra BTO $10.00
Portégé X30L-J1331 PCR10U-001002 $20.00
Portégé X30L-J1337 PCR10U-03V002 $20.00
Portégé X30W-J3132 PDA11U-01W00W $20.00
Portégé X40-J1431 PPH11U-006001 $20.00
Portégé X40-J1437 PPH11U-06K001 $20.00
Portégé BTO $10.00
Dynabook E10-S1111ED PYT00U-00M015 $5.00
Dynabook E10-S1113ED PYT00U-00M016 $5.00
Dynabook E10-S1131ED PYT00U-00N01D $5.00
Dynabook E10-S1133ED PYT00U-00N01E $5.00

How It Works

  1. Participants must be registered as a Dynabook Partner and must have a valid Dynabook Partner Program (DPP) login account.
  2. Participants must submit their claims using the email account used to register for the DPP.
  3. Claims using third party email domains including but not limited to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. will not be accepted.
  4. Participants must accept the Rewards SPIF Program Terms and Conditions.
  5. Participants must claim Reward using the Dynabook Debit Card Rewards Claim Form.
    • A unique claim form must be submitted for each qualified end user sale. 
  6. Once submitted, claims will be verified and managed by the DPP Admin Team, available for contact at admin@dynabookppp.com. 
  7. Claims will be matched with monthly sales reports and awarded directly via Visa Award Cards.
    • Cards usually ship within 5-7 business days after the review process.
  8. Once a sale is claimed, no further claims will be allowed on that sales transaction, thus providing protection against multiple claims for a single sale.