SPIF Bonanza Program

Program Details and Claim Form

Dynabook Partner Program


Dynabook Resellers can TRIPLE UP on the extra cash they earn from Dynabook. This is our way of rewarding those who go above and beyond to get their customers on the high performing laptops we offer. What’s more, SPIFs will be paid on a RECHARGEABLE DEBIT CARD, for quick payment.

Bounty Program Lifestyle

Program Duration

May 23, 2022 to September 30, 2022

How It Works

  1. Participants must be registered as a Dynabook Partner and must have a valid Dynabook Partner Program (DPP) login account.
  2. Participants must submit their claims using the email account used to register for the DPP.
  3. Claims using third party email domains including but not limited to Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. will not be accepted.
  4. Participants must claim SPIFs using the forms below.
    • A unique claim form must be submitted for each activity.
  5. Once submitted, claims will be verified and managed by the DPP Admin Team, available for contact at admin@dynabookppp.com. 

Program Claim Forms

A. Joint Call

Joint calls must be with a qualifying end-user customer, you, the reseller, and an authorized Dynabook sales rep.

[RM_Form id=’17’]

B. Product Placement

Demos must be with an end-user customer, with placement approved by Dynabook Sales Management.

[RM_Form id=’18’]

C. Selling Dynabook Laptops

Sell 150+ units to get $500, 250+ units for $750, or 350+ units to get $1,000.

[RM_Form id=’19’]